My nutrition, eating and food philosophy is simple: everything in moderation and be better today than you were yesterday (and that even goes for those working to 'change' their lifestyle) - we didn't get 'unhealthy' overnight, so there is no reason that we should expect perfection in one day. It is not complicated to live and eat healthy, but too many times we are told that it is - and I believe this contributes to us either completely abandoning any effort to eat a wholesome and balanced diet or keeps us jumping from one food fad to the next. The truth is, despite what we're made to believe, nutritious foods and an active lifestyle are accessible to everyone, everywhere.  

You may not have a bustling farmer's market within walking distance but I can bet you have a frozen food aisle at your local supermarket packed with vegetables - and you might not be able to afford 12 weeks of Zumba classes at your local gym but what's stopping you from cranking up the radio in your living room and letting your inner latin dancer out or from trying out those moves you saw in Shakira's latest video - NOTHING...ok perhaps a little embarrassment at first :) You don't need fancy supplements or an expensive gym membership to be healthy, you just need to start making better choices!  

The basics of a healthy lifestyle are the same for everyone - lead a wholesome and balanced lifestyle and be active.  Too many times, though, we compare ourselves to others - "my friend has the money for a gym membership"..."my cousin was a competitive swimmer in college, I won't ever be in that kind of shape"..."that celebrity lost 30 pounds post-pregnancy in 2 weeks!" In some cases we can use these situations to motivate us to make positive changes in our own lives, but too often they can discourage us from even trying. Your life is different from your cousin's, your friend's and that celebrity's - so stop comparing! Surround yourself with positive people that will support your own unique path to health and wellness, and be realistic about what you can do and the changes you can make.

All you have to be is better than you were yesterday!