Tuesday, January 22, 2013

'Plane' & Simple Gluten-Free Snacks

On- The- Plane...In- The- Air *sigh of relief* Marathon weekend at DisneyWorld had arrived! I didn't let myself think too much about the feat that stood (or ran, rather) ahead - 26.2 miles! For my brother, it seemed that getting on the plane was a bigger challenge than the marathon. He hadn't flown since a panic attack on a business trip flight years ago; Needless to say I was busy keeping him (and mom - also uneasy about flying) distracted during our time at the airport...so it was a good thing that I planned our gluten-free travel food/meals ahead of time so we had one less thing about which to worry!

While a short 2.5 hour plane ride wouldn't normally be a concern, making sure that we had enough gluten-free carbohydrates (what people often call 'carb-loading) each day was. Knowing that airports/airlines are not the most reliable for food service for safe gluten-free needs, I took some time to plan our half-day's worth of travel food (something that's easy to overlook when a week's worth of food for vacation is staring you in the face). Also, I'm not going to lie, packing fun treats gives you something to look forward to and can help keep an anxious flyer distracted during the flight.

The food and snacks I packed were perfect. They each fit my pre-marathon nutrition criteria and also met my safe gluten-free standards. Even better, they each passed easily through airport security.

1. GoGo Squeez - I would normally just eat a whole apple, in all its fibrous glory, but with my limited carry-on space, the squeeze pouches ended up being easier for travel. Apple Strawberry is my favorite flavor. Each one of these pouches is 3.2 oz making it a perfect snack and airline-okay. Plus, it provides a basic 15 grams of carbohydrates (typically considered 1 serving) from all natural, no additive, all fruit goodness. Now, I'll admit, sometimes I feel a little funny toting these pouches around in public; they don't come in the most mature looking packaging. But when it comes down to it, a healthy gluten-free, convenient snack is worth it!

2. Popcorn Corners - Carmel. I usually don't prefer carmel flavored popcorn treats, but it satisfies the desire to have something sweet without it packing a bunch of saturated fat. Its a light, crunchy, sweet and salty treat that doesn't leave you feeling full and heavy. Also, the saltiness of the 'chips' encouraged me to keep drinking lots of water!

Hopefully you'll find these convenient (whens the last time you were able to describe your g-free food that way?!) treats just as fun and enjoyable!

Happy Snacking and Be well!

The Gluten Free Nutritionist