About Me

The Gluten Free Nutritionist features all that is involved in living gluten-free, from research-based nutrition information to quirky personal stories of growing-up and living with autoimmune diseases. Nutrition facts and gluten-free living advice, lifestyle tips, information on athletic training with autoimmune diseases, and gluten-free food and restaurant reviews are authored from both a professional perspective and personal experience.  The collection is meant to help, inspire, educate, empathize with, and motivate anyone that is living gluten-free, needs to be, or is just curious about what it takes to live a full and healthy gluten-free life.

I am a Registered Dietitian (aka I tell people what to eat even when they don't want to hear it :).  I also have a Master's degree in Public Health (don't worry, no one knows exactly what Public Health is :), a Bachelor's degree in Behavioral Psychology (fancy for: I spent a lot of money for college :), and am a certified Personal Fitness Trainer.  I have both Celiac Disease and Graves Disease.  I work as a gluten-free lifestyle coach for businesses, families and individuals, and am an advocate at the local, state, and national level for gluten-free and other special dietary needs (SDNs) awareness and education. My experience with the gluten-free lifestyle ranges from developing full-scale food service processes at restaurants and public universities to counseling persons with Celiac Disease to swapping public restroom stories with strangers in the grocery line. 

Outside the world of autoimmune, I'm a new mom :) An awesome aunt and amazing sister (just passing along what I've been told!). I work on issues dedicated to supporting local agribusiness, farming, and sustainable community development.   I continue to do personal training, but on a smaller scale now, with family and friends - my favorite part is now they are all experts...ooohh, the arguments :)  I have most recently added long-distance running to my activity list, and completed a half-marathon and the Disney World full-marathon in January 2013! I love the beautiful north-east seasons and staying active during each of them from swimming to snow sports.  I love to go on weekend adventures, cook and bake, laugh, watch my baby girl, nephews and niece be active and grow, stay active at church and in the community, spend time with family and friends, throw themed parties, and get involved in too many things!