Friday, December 14, 2012

When Life Gets Tough...Run a Marathon

Yikes! It has been way too long since I last blogged. It sounds cliche, but life has just been too chaotic and busy. To give you a quick idea: the holidays, bronchitis, comprehensive case study for internship, Austin with an unidentified illness, marathon training, moving, and most importantly some very sick family members.  

 Two little ladies in my life have been battling sickness; our 16 year old Lhasa Apso, Holly, with a chronic eye infection causing blindness, arthritis, and progressing cancer has been having a rough couple of days, and my Aunt Theresa has been bravely battling Stage IV Ovarian Cancer since August of this year...the reality of their situations has really snapped my priorities in to place. While at times the sadness of it all   overwhelms me, it even more so motivates me to pursue each day and each task with joy and immerse myself in the moment.  It has even meant me making an effort, every day, to keep my health a top priority (keeping on top of doctor's visits, being strict about gluten-free, a healthy and wholesome diet, and lots of exercise). 

To keep myself motivated in these ways, and being inspired by my aunt and even our little Holly, I've taken on new challenges to ensure I'm always working toward something and not becoming complacent in the day- to-day shuffle. Not really knowing what I was getting myself into, marathon training has done the keeps me motivated and EXHAUSTED! My brother, my Celiac sibling, has been training for a marathon too! We've decided to run the Disney marathon together this coming January 2013, both because it's The Walt Disney World (what better atmosphere to take on 26.2 miles) and because of their gluten-free accommodations (Thank you Disney for always thinking out of the box...even when it comes to special dietary needs for guests!). 

What's even better is we are running for charity with Team in Training; an organization that raises money for cancer research! Not only is this cause close to my heart because of my aunt, my grandma Keefer, and Holly but because cancer affects so many of our friends with undiagnosed/unmanaged Celiac.  Please donate to this cause today...any amount is appreciated! Think about it this way: forego the box of Glutino cookies (save yourself the calories too :) and instead put that money towards curing cancer! Check out our fun site

Be well,